Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 30 Day Challenge

Day 5: Favourite Guest Star

Fury appearing in the finale was all kinds of awesome and more Sif was everything I didn’t know I needed, but my favourite guest star has got to be Cobie as Maria Hill. She’s everything that the show needs, a kick-ass bitch who takes no prisoners who’s also hilarious. It also made a lot of sense after The Winter Soldier and gave her more time to really flesh out her character beyond supporting in 2 MCU films so far. The phonecall with Pepper literally made my life as well and she needs to make regular appearances in season 2.


Cobie Smulders - Family Photos (Click to Enlarge)


Cobie Smulders shows her support to terminal prostate cancer sufferer and comic book fan, Stratford Caldecott. You can read more about his story here

Robin Scherbatsky in every episode | s01e06 ● Slutty Pumpkin


Cobie Smulders in Grassroots